Yamada ryosuke dating 2016

Yamada is invited to deliver a speech to the graduating students of Horikoshi High School.He searches the entire school, holding on a tiny piece of hope in his pocket.Love is spurting, walls after walls that set them apart are demolished.

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So around the time she wakes up, I’ll send her a text with a twirly sun beside it! “Some boys might be embarrassed to go shopping with their girlfriend, but I’m perfectly fine with it. “I want to hear my girlfriends voice right before I go tobed♪. It doesn’t matter if it’s only one minute, I want to hear her voice (laugh).

I want to help her choose clothes that look nice on her~. Instead of being loved more, I want to love you more.

Yuto and Ryosuke are both actors in their mid 20's.

They've found each other after a long, onerous way.

Even though he was never bothered by his beloved Nii-chan’s dating, but when he was introduced to his lover for the first time ever, it was harder than he thought.

Moreover, his brother’s lover is an annoyingly cute, and VERY beautiful guy, same age as him, and goes to the same university as him! :) His heart closes and locks itself in its cage, afraid to come out, afraid to be broken again.

Unexpectedly, both matchmakers found their match too in the progress.

the way nakajima think is what he felt and he needed to control it.

It's tough, but he grits his teeth and bears with it anyway.

“In the morning, I want to call my girlfriend ‘Goodmorning! But if she is still sleeping, I don’t want to wake her up. I’ll squish her cheeks and say ‘What’s wrong, (insert name)? “On her birthday, Valentine’s day and our anniversary, Iwant to spend it together. Then I’ll make her a ‘One present in the world’ for her to keep forever~.” 5.

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