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A judge sent him to rehab, which didn’t do any good, and gave him probation twice, which he violated more than twice.

He got stopped with a cooler full of psilocybin mushrooms in his car (and helpfully told the officer who stopped him that he’d eaten "a little piece" because it helped him drive better), and he wrote more bad checks, and he cut off his ankle monitor and walked away from a halfway house, which, somewhat to Ory’s astonishment, the authorities considered escape.

From then on, I walked."But for a brain wired a certain way—like Ory’s, apparently—crank is notoriously addictive. "One could argue that it’s possible to stumble through the first couple of steps: One is an unwitting addiction, and the other is fourth-grade arithmetic.

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What does it take for heroin to grab hold in the small, remote towns of America? Five years ago, it had no heroin problem whatsoever. The girl from the bus was a passing transient, yes, and in some sense an anomaly, but she was also a kind of omen.

Nor would the authorities in Laramie see heroin for several years after that.

Ory, rather, is an industrious and entrepreneurial man of 37 who was born and raised in Torrington, a smudge of a village near the Nebraska state line, where his father was the town veterinarian.

He was a popular kid, amiable and bright, president of his class in grade school, student-body president his junior year in high school.

His probation was revoked on May 2, 2002, and he was sent to the prison in Rawlins for two to five years with credit for 322 days he’d spent in county jails all the times he’d gotten arrested.

Ory was released from prison on March 17, 2005, scrubbed clean of methamphetamine, rehabilitated.

Johnson Concrete LLC poured streets and curbs and sidewalks, a couple of new fire stations, the rec center over in Baggs.

He usually had eight men working for him, double that on the big jobs, and he made enough money to pay cash for a new Dodge pickup and a trailer for his horses and buy a house just outside the city limits.

Six months later, when Ory was still hobbling around on crutches and swallowing Vicodin, he went to a party. "It was the first time I’d walked since the wreck," he says.

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