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These guys usually pretend they do, but don’t pay for any of their own attributes (mommy and daddy do).

That is just unattractive, and a pretty clear sign that this dude is lazy.

She loves Indian food, Netflix, and funny cat pictures.

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If you notice more than once that he tends to flex his arms while he is glimpsing at his own reflection, or he takes ‘selfies’ or is overly concerned with how he looks on camera and has to have the ‘perfect angle’ for the ‘perfect picture’, he is more than likely a tool bag and a womanizer.

Good men are not concerned with how they look, how they appear to other women, how ‘buff’ they look, or ‘ripped’ they appear in their rear view mirrors going down the road.

"But it wasn't until spring this year that things just clicked.

It felt right and I thought ' Okay' and my whole world changed there and then." PHOTOS: Gay power couples Daley — who won a bronze medal for Great Britain at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and starred in the British version of reality diving show Splash!

In life, there is such thing as right and wrong (well, when you’re a good person).

If this guy cusses every other word in front of your family, thinks cheating is no big deal, brushes it under the rug when his friends are disrespectful to women, has no problem with leaving his waitress no tip because the kitchen made a mistake, thinks it is funny for his friends or others to be hateful to someone who is overweight, etc.

Here are 5 sure-fire red flags you must take into consideration before ever exposing vulnerability to a guy: Okay this just screams vanity right off the bat; selfishness, insecurity and an entire line of issues you just don’t want to become familiar with.

If you constantly notice him sneaking peaks of himself in the mirror, or subtly checking himself out in the rear-view while going down the road, the dude is probably a pig.

It is dang near impossible to turn a guy away when he makes you feel that good.

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