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“I was like a human biology project.” The disease had been caught early.

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“You should be grateful to be alive,” lectured one annoyed doctor. I want children, so give me the goddamn lead apron! A week after corning home from the hospital, she began to hemorrhage from her uterus. The bleeding, caused by the uterus’s failure to contract following the birth, was treated by drugs—and after four days in the hospital, Tracy went home for good.

“Having a baby is a secondary consideration.” Tracy snapped back, “No, it’s not. ” By the summer of 1988, Tracy’s cancer was cured, but she spent a year regaining her strength before trying to conceive. Collapsed on the floor with towels pressed between her legs, her dress soaked red, Tracy felt the blood pumping from her body with each heartbeat. Since then she, Billy and Remi have been the sort of family that Ozzie and Harriet fans would recognize.

Says Tracy: “I stood up and said, ‘Excuse me, but I’m fighting a war here, and I’m winning it! He would get into bed with me at night and just hold me. But they feared the effects the therapy might have on Tracy’s fertility.

’ ” Throughout her ordeal, Tracy drew strength from Billy. To protect herself as much as possible, she asked to wear a lead apron during radiation. This is a walk in the park.” But Tracy’s trials hadn’t finished. I’m going to die, and I’m never going to see my baby again.’ ” Paramedics, summoned by Remi’s nurse, arrived just as Tracy was losing consciousness.

And then she gathered the courage to appear in public.

“People were awful to me,” she says, describing a woman in a restaurant who blamed the ailing actress for causing the loss of her appetite. I’ll always be grateful to him for that.” Through the four months of chemotherapy and the 25 radiation treatments that followed, the pair never abandoned their dream of one day becoming parents.

“I would like Mark to teach Remi how to swim,” says Tracy, “just as he taught me.” Then came the Hodgkin’s, a form of cancer that attacks the lymph nodes and spleen.

Tracy first suspected something was wrong about the time of her July 1987 wedding to Billy (they had met four years earlier when she was starring in CBS’s Square Pegs and he was in Falcon Crest).

TRACY NELSON AND HUSBAND BILLY MOSES are juggling cups of coffee as their 13-month-old daughter, Remington, wriggles from lap to lap on an overstuffed sofa in their Los Angeles living room.

Morning sunlight streams through the windows of their French-country-style home, highlighting the already warm and blissful scene.

And where else would you expect to find the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, who, playing fictitious versions of themselves on radio in the 1940s and TV in the 1950s and 1960s, all but defined the notion of family values even before the term was invented?

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