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Its digital arm set off sparks for clients as wide-ranging as L’Oreal, Taraji P. Its DKC/O M entertainment division reps Andrew Lloyd Webber, Second City and hot Broadway tickets like Naomi Campbell to ex-California first lady Maria Shriver to agitpop screamers Prophets of Rage.

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They may not always get what M18 means—it’s March 18, the date the company was founded—but real estate giants like Extell, Vornado and Silverstein know Michael Tavani’s agency as the go-to for commercial and residential projects in the Big Apple and, increasingly, around the world.

Hotels, its original client base, still bed down with M18 in droves.

For every celeb brand like Drake’s October’s Very Own and Gwyneth’s Goop, there’s an investment group, litigation client, sports organization, media brand or charity event getting Hiltzik’s guidance.

Longtime clients like Katie Couric and the higher-ups at MGM also have him on speed dial.

Bottom line: Revenue’s up, the firm’s rep is Teflon and its global reach keeps growing. Nearly 25 years after its launch, Magrino’s going to show you how it’s done.

This year, Susan and Allyn Magrino’s glamorous firm has broadened links with Hilton, locking up Waldorf Astoria, Conrad and Canopy; lured Danny Meyer’s director of communications, Jee Park; and launched an insane anniversary campaign for Chicago client the Willis Tower.

The firm also counseled Al Jazeera through its US shutdown (quite sagely) did what it could to help Volkswagen through its disaster and shepherded the NBA Players’ Association through its collective bargaining talks. On the talent side, the firm handled the masterful rollout of longtime client Lady (“Call me Joanne”) Gaga’s new album and persona. Ryan Lochte: Matthew Hiltzik’s clients make headlines, but sometimes not the way they want to.

But its biggest get was Fox News host (and Donald Trump’s BFF) Megyn Kelly. It’s Hiltzik’s less heralded campaigns, however, that reveal how much juice his agency has acquired—and in how many directions its influence spreads.

Momentum, ambition and the guts to back it up make HL Group our agency of the year.

A longtime giant in fashion and luxury PR, HL has transcended those roots to become a generalist firm on steroids—a force in corporate, tech, lifestyle, crisis and even brand strategy.

Strategic acquisitions and smart organic launches have defined DKC under CEO Sean Cassidy.

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