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Then on February 19, 2008 released a second album, A Twist in My Story.

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Vesely stated that the new songs will be much faster tempo than the previous album.

American musician best known as the frontman for the acoustic rock band Secondhand Serenade.

The title of his second album is a picture of the story has changed because of a divorce with his wife, Candice, in 2008.

In November 2008, the single Fall for You get Platinum from RIAA. Secondhand Serenade released his third album titled Hear Me Now.

Released on January 31 and gave Vesely his first chart.

Secondhand Serenade released only one song as a single from the album is a song titled pertamannya Vulnerable.He spent 8 years playing bass in local bands, from the playing style of ska and hardcore to rock and pop style.One of the bands in which he played was Life Like Sound.In 2005, Vesely released his first album titled Awake.The record just using an acoustic guitar and multi-tracked vocals.The album received tremendous online support, and by the end of 2006 Secondhand Serenade had received millions of requests a concert on Myspace and has become the social-networking site's No.. Financially, he was said to get up to $ 20,000 per month from downloads and merchandise sales out of his home.

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