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Now, I sometimes get newsletters in lieu of a Christmas card and for me it just seems a little too impersonal.

Unfortunately, there was nothing impersonal about this newsletter.

They have dinner, Walden’s mother asks if Walden was now a homosexual and hiding it; they quickly due a recap of Season 9 to clear things up.

It’s holiday time at the Harper house and it has everything you’d expect—booze, singing, womanizing, and an old man soiling himself.

This year, Alan has written the Harper Christmas newsletter to send out.

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Charlie Sheen (Anger Management) Jon Cryer (Superman 4) Angus T.

She declines as she is having a “two man sandwich”, which Alan learns over the phone in disgust.

Walden then wonders where Lyndsey is, but Alan tells him that she has a new boyfriend now, leaving him single and lonely again.

Jones (Bringing Down The House) Conchata Ferrell (Mr.

Deeds) Holland Taylor (Legalley Blonde) Marin Hinkle (Dark Blue) April Bowlby (Mom) Jennifer Tayor (Wild Things) Ashton Kutcher (That 70s Show) Amber Tamblyn (The Grudge) Edan Alexander (Outliving Emily)Alan finds a new girlfriend, Sandy- his cooking class teacher.

Throughout the evening, and despite Alan’s repeated objections, Charlie helps Jake with the rules.

Unfortunately, Charlie has no rules to help prepare Jake for when Celeste shows up unexpectedly with his Christmas present, and finds Jake with the other girl.

Walden mentions “Magilla”, an imaginary gorilla friend that he had when he was a child.

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