Emo sex dating - Who is elena gilbert dating in vampire diaries

You can even change her hairstyle or her clothes and find a beautiful dress to finish off her new look.

Thanks to you and her newfound style, this Vampire Diaries actress will feel as good as she looks when she steps in front of the camera, and Elena and Damon’s clifftop date scene will steal the show!

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Dobrev - who played Elena Gilbert on the CW supernatural drama - delighted fans by revealing the news on Instagram on Thursday (January 26) that she'll be returning for the upcoming if the comeback would actually happen."I have zero idea [if she'll be back]," he claimed in December.

"As a producer, I do have a lot of information and then there's a lot of information I don't have."I want the audience to be happy, but I also am very pro human.

I don't think these guys should have the ability to wreak havoc, kill everybody, ruin the lives of so many and then get out with a happy ending.

I think the happy ending is that we got to go on this amazing ride with these two guys.

Her main villainous arc is when she loses her humanity and all that is good with her.

She has to deal with the aftermath of her actions when she gets her humanity back.Elena needs to look really beautiful so she can impress Damon, not to mention the Vampire Diaries fans!Have you already dressed up your favorite stars or played other fashion games?In the beginning of the series, Elena was willing to risk her life and her happiness in order to keep the people that she cared about safe.Now, she expects people to compromise their happiness in order for her to be happy.Nina is getting ready to play a scene in which Elena will meet Damon for a romantic date upon a cliff top.

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