Horny moms free dating site - What people think of interracial dating

It's not always a "meet cute" like you see in the movies.

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You could say that we’re getting more progressive every year — but our world is far from prejudice-free.

For instance, I've been in interracial relationships my whole dating life, and I’ve experienced firsthand the inappropriate comments that interracial couples deal with.

We're actually just two human beings who love each other.

While some people genuinely think this is a compliment, it can make someone feel extremely uncomfortable.

Our society gets so caught up in labels when it comes to race and ethnicity. Building up couples like Kim and Kanye or Seal and Heidi as "hip interracial duos" maintains the illusion that mixed-race pairs are special.

Imposing this question on interracial couples just keeps us confined in the rigidly-defined boxes of ethnic heritage. Instead of relating us immediately to another random couple of mixed race, just see us for the regular couple that we are.The more people think that mixed-race couples have extravagant tales to tell about their relationships, the more we will teach the younger generation that they are somehow different from other couples.That's exactly the kind of thinking we need to get rid of.Even if we do want children one day, they would be beautiful because they're beautiful, not because they're multiracial.Sure, all those Pinterest boards and Tumblr accounts devoted to praising mixed-race babies may seem cute, but they're highly problematic.Generally, you say you're proud of someone when they've accomplished something of significance.

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