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Whatever is on your favorite shirt, you probably wear it a lot.These people happened to be wearing their favorite shirts at the perfect moment.

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It is usually tradition …A small island in the South Pacific ocean is being evacuated, as a volcano within the island’s center is ready to erupt at any moment.

The island being evacuated with the aid of the Red Cross is called Ambae, which is an island within the Republic of Vanuatu.

Patrick’s case has become a media sensation, with people using it to make generalizations about detransition, and transgender people in …Bullying is an age-old problem that has always plagued the high school experience, but now that teenagers are perpetually equipped with recording devices, more and more incidents end up being recorded and posted online.

Footage of a ruthless act of bullying at Huntington Beach High School managed to go viral …People who regularly fly on airplanes are split into two categories.

A number of dating apps and websites strive to make finding the love of your life just a click or swipe away, but has the Internet really made things easier for singletons? There’s a certain romanticism when considering dating way back when which is even more prevalent in comparison to just how weird the dating world has become.

Meet cutes aren’t as organic as they used to be but awkwardness is still very much part of the game.

But it wasn’t until the intuitive grandmother noticed the breast milk color of her granddaughter’s baby bottle that she realized the extent of the 19-year-old’s anger. But an old joke by Seth Mc Farlane has people wondering how “unaware” Hollywood truly was.

…Do you sometimes feel that you are different from everyone else? Editorial Team …We have all been prone to some not-so-flattering pictures.

Two arrests have been made at a Burger King in New Hampshire as authorities discovered marijuana was being sold from the drive through …Amid the extraordinary buzz surrounding the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s pregnancies, the headlines keep rolling for the reality TV family.

This time, it’s a case for the dramatic books, as an ex-boyfriend has resurfaced, claiming that Kylie Jenner’s baby might be his.

One group adores the airplane food, not so much for taste but more so for its uniqueness and rarity while the other group despises any sort of airline food that isn’t vacuum sealed or pre-packaged. …If there are two things you probably shouldn’t mix together, it’s your personal life and your work life.

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