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I watch it every morning at AM in American Samoa (island in the South Pacific). I can't stand Saewa's character and am about to quit watching because of her. I hate pil jae he is jerk.saewa selfish dejon " baby i advise him to go nursery school" his mather hoarer & his father is arrogant.dojion &his family including saewa they are the color of the derama. I am impressed by south korea the culture are similar with my country ETHIOPIA culture.

i would like to see more of the good people winning instead of the bad. It is too long and its getting very annoying waiting for the ending. I'm getting addicted with this Smile again :-) i really want to know what will be happen with saewa n Dojin's mother once they know that Anna is mr/mrs.cho's missing daughter!! In Ethopia most pople enjoy this drama the characters are awesome donghae is an ideal person he is so kind& bong-yi smart ,agood actress her family so good .

Carl Laker competes in a short track speed skating competition as a U. skater and also plans to marry his Korean girlfriend Sae-Wa (Park Jung-Ah). Tried this mainly for Ji Chang Wook and the plot novelty (for me) of the central characters being a mentally challenged mom and her son and their struggles to achieve their dreams. I cannot feel any chemistry between Bonyi and Donghae because she over-acted her part from Ep 1 till the end. I loved watching the show..was a shame I had moved to an area and missed out on the last episodes of the show. Something about the korean drama's always seemed educational and fun. Then my boyfriend and I moved in together and I told him about my favorite show. Sure it had some low points, like some exaggerations now and then, but towards the end, I was moved by characters like Hyesuk and even cried at her parts. I hope you are disabled in your next life as your karma. To her every thing is about the hotel and is ever willing to take away from the real owner, Mr Cho who is like a father to her. Taehoon /Saeyoung – crap like a meal extra on the side.

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However, to fast-forward 1 year later into the story sort of ruined the ending. I would have liked to see more of how Saewa grew into the role of single mom with a career. This was a pretty good drama, and I'm a pretty fickle person when it comes to these things. helooooooooooooooooooo guys please help me i realy don't know what to do i miss the last episod of smile agin and am realy sorry if there is any one who knows how can i wacth it agin plz plz tell me thank u one love OMGOMGOMGOMG !!!! Taehun and Seoyeong are a cute couple but they both have a lot of growing up to do and shouldn't have been parents yet if they were that immature about real life, but they are trying. He is so awesome, outspoken and kind hearted even if he does act impulsively sometimes his heart is in the right place. By no time, I began to like it after I had identified the characters vide subtitles. After finishing my work , we will rush home notwithstanding the traffic jam . I don't know this slot really reflect the korean society set up.

The character of Hyesuk ended up being the most important role and I think the actress in this role brought in an exceptional performance. I would buy this on DVD if it wasn't so darned expensive! i didn't miss a episode, always watched every Mon-Fri. I love Bongi's dad--he has a great heart and gives great advice. Perhaps by chance, I was surprised to see my wife and daughter glued engrossly watching this smile again drama.

 but i think Donghae looks better with Yujin as a couple than Bongi does.. i can't believe it's gonna end the day after matric.i will never forget this incredible drama! btw, i'm watching this from the beautiful city of SF....i started being addicted to kdramas since 3 yrs ago & counting! she's heartless, i like bongi v much, she's kind-hearted, sweet & i hope dong hae opens his eyes to reality & so glad he finally admitted to leave saewa! I couldn't believe what I was watching/hearing and thought... Coz you don’t know how much difficult to explain what I fill when I see KBS programs. I really really sorry for the person likes Sewana, they are working hard but they don’t have a confidence. I wanted to know why the names are different when actually called in the drama and in the subtitle. Annashe....." Hello Gobeze, in Korea you will often hear "shi" ("she") applied after a name. i looooove bongi and donghae,hope they get married! Dojin's family including Saewa are all so annoying, yelling at each other, bickering, putting the blame on each other for what? But hey, the episode I just watched today made me actually like her though for saying what she said to Dojin, HAHA. Donghaee LOVE HIM and bongi shes cool the only people i hate is 1. your daughter f*cked up now shes gonna pay for it mmk? kim joon: i dont dislike him too much but he needs to be a man and stop being his wifes puppy if you dont wanna be with her then leave her stop making it harder for everyone and god just tell EVERYONE the truth lol i mean i dont want the truth to be out at the end of the drama cuz i want to see what happens after !! It is pleasant and very entertaining so what do you think of Bongi's new hair style? I have watched this so much, my bird (African Gray Parrot) is starting to speak Korean.... Even when everything is pretty much doomed for her to be in the Kim family, she's still scheming and getting her mom involved against Donghae and Anna..

i hope it will be a great one cuz its vacation time for us here in ETHIOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) i really hated saewa when she denied knowing dong hae at that scene where he accidentally hit the flower shop window; how wicked cld she be after having 6 yrs relationship with him? BUT then I stumbled upon a clip on Youtube and found out he sang one of the hit songs from My Lovely Sam Soon! Finally I got lots of friends that love Korean drama…. From Sunny Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in response to comment #108 Gobeze Says: "... it's the most complicated and interesting story i've ever seen! Thank you Hmm, I don't like any character on this show. The characters I REALLY can't stand though are Dojin (Mama's boy), Dojin's mom (Selfish b*tch), Saewa (Annoying Twat), and Plijae (Freak). You can't just get up all of a sudden and say I'LL BE WITH YOU NOW! Bongi's family on the other hand irritates me slightly, but not as much as Dojin's thank god. She's really good when acting serious or sad, but when she tries to act happy, she ends up looking incredibly fake. Kim, she says she is sorry 100 times, then she cries. I do not speak Korean, but I must have the volume turned up as I read the subtitles. (I think i liked her hair before though) OH and Anna should stop crying too. Dojin's mom seems really scary and the daddy (KJ) better watch out too.

I think that person who was trying to act like they "knew the characters" had a lame opinion. It looks like not every countries are getting the same episode so it will all end at the same time, seesm like some countries may have already seen the last episode. The drama definitely absolutely incredibly amusing. Dojin is a man of his word – take his business as redemption of what his- genius – mission impossible. i luv dong hae, bongi, ana but hate most saewa & dojin! Accordinf to KBS web site, it has 130 episode, this is one of the longest running time ofr Korea soap opera with this may episode. Why doesn't he take care of his own daughter instead!?

Thank U KBS for airing great show and dramas more power to you all wish I can still watch kbs when I go back to philippines I love most Two Days and One Night it really cheer me up I love director Na most I love this show. Bongi on the other hand is insecure, has a really deep voice, and doesn't have much to offer Donghae in the long run.. ;) @Anonymous, looks like SF is broadcating the same episode as HI, we are on COMCAST here in bay area. You go girl, take your chances, one step at a time. it's so addictive & if i had a choice not to sleep i wld've done that too since it's so hard not to continue watching each episode! like to Ha-Neul they will sometimes say "Ha-Neulah". I am glad to see Bongi is beginning to stand up for herself against Sae-Wa and Do-Jin. I just don't like his boring, "gary-stu" personality, but hey, he's the main character, so I guess that's why he's like that. If for some crazy reason the two get together or even married, Plijae is just gonna be taking care of her for the rest of his life. now im able to speak some korean sentences...n i like it! I would love to see Anna Laker with Piljae and not with James. re: #93 "don't you guys think the drama has become irritatingly long? Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Pi Ya Nuo has disguised herself as a man for 25 years, when she saves Du Zhi Feng and his sister.This was also my first experience of a long series (159 eps basically means around 80 full eps since each episode is 35 mins approx). His eyes is so flat even she's angry, sad, or happy, always gives us the same act (cried but only tears out, angry but just yelled, happy but just laughing or smiling. Think this is the first Ji Chang-Wook drama that is being broadcast in Singapore. Even though it's a drama, certain facts need to be taken into account. I don't necessarily like her with Piljae though, so yeah. Happiness in the Wind was a horrible drama and I was hoping the next one wouldn't be so bad, but nope, it's not! Sad that this had to end and well, it was nice while it lasted. I apologize if I was too aggravated offended someone and under estimated all your thoughts! Does everyone get that same exact message with the female korean voice saying "The subscriber is unable to answer your call, you will be transferred to a voice messaging service" or something to that effect in Korean, regardless of what cellphone company you have?? Ok, is the series over after 159 or just the season finale? How sad is this, watching on line didn't have sub-titles but you get what is going on for the most part. I haven't tried Korean found but now it has peaked my curiosity. I liked the happy ending but am not likely to watch such a long series again Good performances by all the actors I don't like Hong Hye-Suk's and Yoon Sae-Wa's characters. Her eyes gaze remains flat) and when talking always playing his nose. I've heard that message in just about ALL of the kdramas I have seen.. I am SO hooked but it comes on at Midnight in New Jersey and I have to get up at 3A for work. There is another drama about Kimch competitioni called Le Chef. You started and finished these whole show, You’re the first scene and last to go, but you still have more to grow… I have last ten words that’s real you not Sea-Wa, you are the shining star Park Jung-Ah!!! I know a lot of you hate Saewa but you gotta admit, she is one fine actress. We disliking Saewa,her mother, Kim Dojion and Hong Hye Suk all are greedy. Anna and her son Donghae also Saewa excellent acters. Ah, this drama is very, very unrealistic, but obviously it's because it's a drama. She jeapordizes her own sister's husband's family for the sake of her own desires. I was rooting for her at one point when she thought of telling Donghae about his grandparents but was ultimately crushed when she decided to still stay with Dojin. never knew that there could be someone so evil like saewa! i'm so glad there are many people here in ETHIOPIA that watch this fantastic by the way i have a feeling that 'seondal' dude is gona wonna marry'll b a disaster if bongi's mom agreed cuz he's all successful and man! in any case i think she'll definitely end up with z lovely i think donghae is gonna b kind enough to give up the hotel for again will be tattooed in a very special place in my heart cuz it has given me so much excitement and happiness! however, i am upset over the bad people always getting the upper hand and too many sudden meetings of the main characters in the hotel all the time.

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