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As of 2011 Virar had a population of 1,221,233which male and female are 649,535 and 571,698 respectively.Virar has an average literacy rate of 91.95%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 81%.Uttamrao Patil Udhyan is botanical garden in the papadkhindi area of Virar.

Over a period of time Virar has become a cosmopolitan suburb with approximately 70% population being Marathi speaking and the rest a mix of other communities, mainly the Catholics and the Gujaratis. The slow and gradual adoption of the cosmopolitan nature of the city is the result of migration from the Mumbai mainland to this part due to ever increasing cost of the real estate property.

Among minority languages, Gujarati is spoken by 16.16% of the population and Hindi by 25.31%.

The Papadkhandi dam situated at the foothills, was one of the major source of fresh water in the location, but is not enough because of the growing polulation of Virar.

Vajreshwari is famous for its temple and hot water springs.

One can get graduate and post graduate degrees in Arts, Commerce, Commerce, Management studies and Technology through these institutes.

Despite being in close proximity to the ever busy lifestyle of Mumbai, Virar manages to be a well known tourist place for many reasons.

Nearby one can find a stone with a roughly cut cow and calf (Savatsa Dhenu), a symbol of Govardhana Math which symbolises eternity or Moksha.

Moving ahead near the foot of a knoll of rock are two cow’s feet (Go-Paad) roughly cut in rock.

The springs have high sulphur content and is believed to cure many skin ailments.

Baronda devi Temple is located near Papadkhindi Dam, atop hill in the eastern part of the city.

People from many places have migrated & have started making a living here, Virar is being eyed as a major development city.

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