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Servers running Windows 2000 only support the issuance of certificates that are based on version 1 certificate templates.When the first enterprise CA is installed in the forest, version 1 templates are created by default.Version 1 templates are provided for backward compatibility, and support many general needs for subject certification.

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The following sections provide an in-depth view of how certificates work in an optimal environment.

An optimal environment for certificates includes the following: A digital certificate binds a user, computer, or service’s identity to a public key by providing information about the subject of the certificate, the validity of the certificate, and applications and services that can use the certificate.

Several predefined certificate templates and custom certificate templates must be assigned explicitly if needed.

There are two categories of certificate templates: certificate templates issued to users and certificate templates issued to computers.

Unlike version 2 templates, these cannot be modified or removed.

In Windows 2000, certificate management was very limited because only the templates’ security permissions could be set.

These extensions are optional and are not necessarily included in each certificate that the CA issues: Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 Enterprise CAs use certificate templates, stored in the Active Directory directory service, to provide the default attributes for a certificate.

These attributes include authorized uses for the certificate, the cryptographic algorithms used with the certificate, the format of the subject, the public key length, issuance requirements, and the certificate lifetime.

Only computers can use certificates that are issued to computers; likewise, only users can use certificates that are issued to users.

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