Updating ubuntu version

And through the process of updating a system, you should be able to tell exactly why this is the case. Ubuntu uses two different tools for system update: The Update Manger is a nearly 100% automatic tool.

As you can see there are number of possible systems (and the above list is not even close to being all-inclusive).

So to make the task of covering this topic less epic, I will cover the Ubuntu and Fedora systems.

Within the confines of this article you will learn how to keep your Linux system up to date.

In the process you might also learn how to install an application or two.

The new installation also gives you a clean platform to start building your system from; no old configuration files and potential upgrade-related bugs.

It is not certain that every release of Ubuntu runs on the hardware in question.

Let's take a look at how to update your system with the help of Apt.

Follow these steps: Depending upon your desktop, you will either use the GNOME or the KDE front-end for Package Kit.

The advantage of upgrading is that you get to keep your current configuration as is.

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