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We are taking here the example of “Northwind” database which comes with SQL server 2005.

In this gridview example we would perform operations like insert, update and delete on this table thru Gridview.

Simple Insert, Select, Edit, Update and Delete in Asp. – The above block of codes in Row Updating event, finds the control in the Grid View, takes those values in pass it to the Customers Cls class Update method.

A couple of days ago I mentioned a project that I’ve been working on that is a bit out of the ordinary as far as Grid Views go.

One of the issues I’ve had is that the edit template doesn’t map to the view template very well. You see, the data that gets stored back to the database during the edit could go to two of four different tables.

C1Grid View has the feature where users can edit cells on the client side itself.

This can be achieved by setting the property Allow Client Editing to true without the need to define Template Columns.

One of the pages relies on a grid view at the top, which has selectable rows which a form view below relies on.

The form view has a data key name of the selected row in the grid view.

You just have to double click on a cell to make it editable, edit the values and then change selection to some other row to save the updated values.

This blog explains how you can easily update the database with the modified values without any postback.

It's not possible because there's no other row which can be clicked to change the selection and save changes. For such a scenario, you just have to call the client side update() method of C1Grid View (on a button click) and it'll work.

A Grid View generally shows and allows the user to update rows in a database.

If you insist to do this via Data Table you have to update data table manually within Rad Grid View. Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?

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