Updating a house of tomorrow

Bognanni, grew up in Iowa, but now teaches at Macalester College.

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It took me very little time to find information and work out a brief biography. Vicious had played for a band called the Sex Pistols. I studied the black and white pictures that accompanied the articles.

Sid was rail thin, like me, but he had tall bristly hair, and a dirty smudge of a moustache.

St Paul writer Peter Bognanni combines geodesic domes and punk rock in his new novel.

"The House of Tomorrow" is an off-kilter coming of age story set in small town Iowa.

"Or maybe both, depending on day that you catch him." Jared has his own major medical problems. Bognanni reads a passage from the book where Sebastian turns to the internet to do some research.

He's had a heart transplant, but refuses to let that interfere with his teen rebellion. I sat down at my computer and stared at the blinking cursor. The word was 'Sid.' I tapped another word, 'Vicious.' Sid Vicious, the bass player that Jared had mentioned. He may have stabbed his true love, and he died at the age of 21, just after being released from prison.

Wow, things seem bleak when the city's architectural gems are being swathed in large foreclosure signs.

But yes, such a sign has gone up at 7950 Wilshire, site of the famous Welton Becket-designed "House of Tomorrow" at Wilshire and Highland.

"She was talking to a guest there who said, pretty much apropos of nothing, 'Yeah, and I live in a geodesic dome with my grandmother.'" Bognanni was working on another novel at the time, which he now admits wasn't going so well.

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