Underground secrets of dating russian women

(I still have a few jerseys that I knitted myself and brought with me from Russia.)I often read in magazines how western female stars, having 7-figure yearly incomes, complain that being beautiful is a full-time job.

Walking instead of driving, growing their food and making their dresses themselves, Russian women manage this job graciously and happily, being on a very tough budget.

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(End of the paragraph to skip.)About 90% of Russian women advertising on the Internet have college or university degrees.

The reasons for that are: (1) nearly 60% of people in Russia have graduated from a college or university (high school qualification was mandatory in the Soviet Union); (2) it is mostly educated women that feel they have what it gets to make an international relationship happen and who can SPEAK ENGLISH with their Internet dates.

(One of them is going to proofread this article so I think I'd better stop here.)So, the beauty of Russian women comes from the fact that they do bother to look attractive for men.

It is the whole system of values that requires from a Russian woman to be, first of all, a wife and a mother, in order to be a respected member of the society (which in its turn requires from her, naturally, to be married); and since there are more available women than men (88 men for 100 women, according to "The Economist: "World In Figures; 2004 Edition"), women have to ensure they will attract somebody's attention and be able keep this attention, so they have to look their best.

You also must be somewhat out of the ordinary to decide there are some other pastures except the one you are accustomed to.

Difficult life makes people think, and throughout the 20th century, life in Russia was anything but easy. I can say that i'm a wonderful friend and listener.A secret Nazi military base in the Arctic has been discovered by Russian scientists.Russians always had to use their brains to survive their basic day-to-day existence, and practice makes perfect.Russian people also read much more than an average westerner, since books are cheap and the habit of reading still has not been replaced by computer games and other entertainment due to expensiveness of the equipment.Russia is thought to be looking to build its own permanent military base there today.

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