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The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star last month revealed she'd have a blonde hairdo for a few more weeks after a bleaching treatment.

It’s summer, which means you may hear the words “I’m Boooored” coming from your teenager.

Fear not, here’s a list of 100 Activities your son or daughter can do that don’t involve a screen! To make it even more amusing, put all your Activities for a Bored Teen in a jar and have your teen pick one out.

Just make sure you have unknown sources checked in order to install it.

This app has three different bots that you can chat with, and each has its own slightly different personality.

It’s like a game of chance and brings a bit of mystery to the activities!

If you and your buddy absolutely love the same genres of music or the same artists, you will totally own this game.

Some cream snakeskin boots added some glam to the casual look.

Meanwhile, her husband decided to have a little fun by pretending to relieve himself against the side of the building reducing Kim to laughter.

star took to twitter to clear things up.'I don’t really do wigs . The reality TV queen took to Twitter to reveal that she was ready for a new look after six months of sporting a chic blonde mane, beginning in the Big Apple last fall for New York Fashion Week.'I can’t even tell you how over my blonde hair I am!

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