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To use an existing user schema, the user schema must be created separately by using the ZENworks database installation method (-c).

sql 2016 sp4 validating user-10

When no service pack version is noted, support is for the version of SQL Server with no service pack.

In the future, if a service pack is released for a SQL Server version, a separate support statement is declared before the new service pack version is supported.

The default path is Specify the port used by the Sybase SQL Anywhere database server.

By default, port 2638 is used for the ZENworks database and port 2639 is used for the Audit database.

SQL Server can be located on: Secondary sites The site database can use the default instance of a full installation of SQL Server or SQL Server Express.

SQL Server must be located on the site server computer.

Each System Center Configuration Manager site requires a supported SQL Server version and configuration to host the site database.

Central administration site and primary sites The site database must use a full installation of SQL Server.

Execute(String action Id, Text Writer error Stream) at Microsoft.

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