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Michael Phelps is swimming for his life against a great white shark in what may be one of the most talked about races of his career. The opening night special which was filmed last month, tests the 23 time Olympic gold medalist, Phelps, against a variety of sharks.

Great White for Shark Week kicks off July 23 on Discovery.

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TMZ reported back in August that Tom failed a building stunt jump at least twice and came up short while trying to clear a building's ledge with one hop 'The hit against the side of the building sounds crushing,' the article said.

Tom was seen leaping through the air for the sequence, as the chopper took off above him, his steeling action star glint in his eyes.

Don't look at me to try to figure out formulas, but I know we have people that are smart enough to be able to figure the formulas out to then project the speed that they would swim over the course of 100 meters.''That's what we were able to do, and it was crazy — just watching them naturally breach and then watching them come down with the amount of force that they have when they are going to see what something is.'Phelps dove with a whale shark in the Maldives after the 2012 Olympics and had diving with great whites on his bucket list explains he wasn't nervous to get in the water in Cape Town because of the sharks.'We had an abundance of divers underneath of me and camera guys all over the place, so I felt very safe and comfortable,' he says.

Yet, he was still nervous.'As you see me getting ready for the race in Cape Town, you see focus on my face, and I think that was partially because I was trying to mentally prepare myself for the temperature of the water,' he says. I knew it was going to be cold, but swimming in 55 degree water when normally it's about 80 when I swim in it, that's a significant difference.''I would say probably the worst part about it was the cold water.'What stroke will he swim? Phelps wont give up on the stroke technique he used in his shark challenge. 'I wasn't fully expecting the temperature of the water, so you guys are going to have to tune in to watch.' Phelps and family may just gather around to watch together as he and his wife Nicole Johnson threw his son Boomer an adorable one-year-old shark themed birthday party. 'I guess it's probably doing more common sense stuff than you think about.

Technically such a race would be difficult, but Phelps explained just how these 'races' were done.

'We were off the tip of Cape Town in South Africa and set up, almost, a lane where I was able to swim in a straight line.Despite the stubbed toe, Tom seemed to have fully recovered from his earlier accident, which halted the movie's production for seven weeks, in order to allow time for his ankle to heal.Famous for performing his own stunts, he seemed chomping at the bit to get on with it, larking around with the crew as they harnessed him in for the scene.Seems like little Boomer is a fish to water in the family, getting into the spirit just in time for Shark Week, and dad's debut that will begin and close out the week. It's not freaking out, trying not to flail your arms all over the place.Shark Week closes July 30 with a second special featuring the GOAT, Shark School With Michael Phelps. Not splashing into the water and making a gigantic wave, because that's obviously going to attract them to come up and see what's jumping in their environment and try and check it out. Over the years, he has taken part in many dramatic scenes, including submerging himself in water for six minutes to film an underwater scene of him breaking into a vault for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, being flung around an airplane cabin in zero-gravity for The Mummy and many high-speed car chases.

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