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Many browsers = headaches Getting Skype calls to work in a browser turned out to be more of a challenge, because Skype had to take into account how browsers operated.One of the biggest issues was dealing with the fact that users often can have several tabs open with Facebook.

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Skype had to be able to handle each instance of Facebook and ensure that the different tabbed versions were able to communicate correctly with the runtime.

“We knew this would be an issue, but it was more complicated than we thought,” Rosenberg said.

The runtime provides some APIs, and the plug-in delivers those APIs through Javascript for access to Facebook.

Facebook’s team built the chat icons and video buttons, and it handles the download of the plug-in.

In order to access Skype’s network, Skype actually has to create an anonymous Skype login for each Facebook video chat user, even if he has his own Skype login.

A Facebook user’s identity must then be mapped to the Skype login to ensure that the call can go through.

It still relies on its peer-to-peer network, the same video and audio codecs, for transport, but it needs more infrastructure to scale up reliablity for Facebook and handle the handshake between the two networks.

One key decision has been to rely completely on dedicated supernodes to facilitate Facebook video calls and to bring them all into Skype’s own data centers or into Amazon’s EC2 cloud.

Supernodes select Skype clients that often sit on the public Internet, act as directories that help guide calls through the P2P network, and are usually used during recovery efforts after an outage.

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