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I am Leon Humphrey, and I am a Ren' Ai game maker. Oct 28, 2008 • 1.17 hours • Is there a meaning to everything? Can happiness be anything more than just temporary? It's nine o'clock and everything is quiet and peaceful.

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Apr 01, 2007 • 40 minutes • In the 14th century, Gunther is a page on Castle Berwartstein on the verge of becoming a squire.

However, when the knight who was meant to train him dies unexpectedly, Gunther suspects murder and begins to investigate...

In order to ensure humans, and earth's survival, an plan was set in place. You play as a cocky young man by the name of James.

He illegally flies down to the now restricted earth to find anything rare to sell for money, but an trip to an old but odd oil rig proves to be more than the average dive...

Apr 10, 2007 • 30 minutes • The protagonist is a young man, Shoichiro Yoshizumi, whose grandfather has a job as a summer remedial instruction teacher.

However, his gramps' has to have a surgery, so Shoichiro will be a substitute teacher for a while...

Mar 01, 2007 • 30 minutes • When Jake is told by his father that they will move, a lot of things change for him.

But the new environment also holds new possibilities for him.

Jan 25, 2009 • 8,266 words • "My name is Selena, and I have been chosen to be the future ruler of the world." She might look like an ordinary schoolgirl, but a secret organization called The Agency are going to overthrow the world and institute her as ruler of the new world order!

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