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The answer of course is that scarabs are small affairs and it was overlooked - or that is the official press release.In the 1980s archaeologists had dated the copper workings to the 7th century BC - but in 2008 a paper contradicted them and claimed smelting and copper mining was taking place in the 10th century.While it is still sometimes necessary to travel to the correct university and make a copy of an older dissertation by hand (or order it and wait months for the librarians and the appropriate university to send their copy), this makes the process of finding and obtaining research much less expensive and laborious.

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Tobias “Toby” Capwell, jouster and curator with a Ph D in fifteenth-century armour, is taking preorders for his forthcoming book on knightly armour in late medieval England.

In honour of that, I thought I would post on the only one of his publications which I have been able to read, a book for beginners on arms and armour at the Glasgow museums.

If you can't find an item, the item may not be available for purchase, has expired, or is not assigned to your student.

East Greek Potteryprovides a comprehensive survey of the pottery made by the Greek settlers along the western coast of Turkey.

The various styles of decoration described cover the period from the eleventh century to the beginning of the fifth century B. Subsequently, competition from Athens pressed local potters into using very simple ornament.

Chapters include analysis of Grey ware, relief ware and archaic East Greek containers (or trade) amphorae, a class of pottery which is now attracting attention for its contribution to the study of ancient economic history.

Shaw had made some interesting adjustments to Greek chronology and Kokkinos theory would appear to support them.

A 10th century Fall of Troy might not suit some of the current revisions of history making waves at but in the long haul this may prove somewhat significant. as a scarab with the name of Shoshenk I has been found at a copper producing site in Faynan District, 50km south of the Dead Sea.

A few weeks ago Alexandra of ascholarlyskater nominated me for the Liebster Award. I see that Judith Weingarten won one of these in 2013.

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