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I think sometimes Rob doesn't know how funny he is until I burst out laughing and write it down. It's pretty bonkers.” With the series having been off screens for just under a year (the series three finale - the final appearance of Delaney's on-screen mother, played by Emmy Award-nominee Fisher - aired 4 April 2017), Horgan is more than willing to tease forthcoming episodes.

“We're writing it at the moment and we film in July,” she confirms.

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With most showrunners fortunate to have one successful show, Horgan now has several to her name.

When it comes to developing new shows, is it just a case of diving in and seeing what lands? "There have been a few things I've started writing that didn’t have a commission to get them going which became things.

But even with the starring role, Amanda Seyfried, 27, couldn't help but get upstaged by older supporting cast member Sharon Stone, 55, at the film's New York premiere hosted by the Cinema Society on Tuesday evening.

Sharon looked absolutely stunning in a figure-hugging white dress, with gold heels, while Amanda cut a solemn figure in a longer black skirt and matching heels at the event co-hosted by MCM and Grey Goose.

I know we're not picking the lightest of subjects but we're certainly not deciding we have to go dark.

In a weird way, this latest series feels pretty light at the moment - and I think that's because we don't want to get lost in the drama of it.

We spend a lot of time working on our outlines to figure out where the series is going.

It's the rewriting that you figure a lot of the more difficult stuff out.” The most recent series ended with a precarious situation for the central couple, with Rob on the cusp of failing a breathalyzer test following a car accident, capping a run of episodes that merged equally as much drama with the usual dose of comedy.

You wouldn't think getting a date would be hard for a glamorous Hollywood sex symbol like Sharon Stone.

But James Corden revealed on Thursday night that the 58-year-old mother of three is struggling to find companionship, so he did what any proper late-night host would do: he wrote an original rap song called "Wanna Date Her?

, is a madcap comedy starring a tantalising ensemble comprised of Rachel Mc Adams, Jason Bateman, Kyle Chandler and Jesse Plemons putting Horgan into a place viewers haven't seen her for a while: in front of the camera reciting lines written by someone else (namely Mark Perez).

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