Sexual dysfunction dating

When I first started experiencing my pain I was 17 years old and was in a relationship with a man who did not understand my dysfunction.

He often used my not being able to fulfill his needs sexually because of my pain as a form of emotional abuse that eventually turned into physical abuse against me.

Sexual dysfunction or sexual malfunction is difficulty during any stage of the sexual act (which includes desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution) that prevents the individual or couple from enjoying sexual activity.

I feel like I'm robbing him of having a normal, functional, healthy sex life/relationship.

He reminds me that he loves me and that sex isn't everything, but I am still so conditioned from last relationship to believe that it is everything.

I've had a chronic pain condition in my bladder for several years now (IC) and it makes intercourse incredibly painful.

Having sex is next to impossible because of the pain, and as a young woman (22 years old) I've been struggling with sex/having a fulfilling relationship without sex for years.

Although we are no longer together, I still have a difficult time shaking his words and overcoming the pain that he made me feel about my body and my pain condition. A few years later I am in my first relationship since my horrible abusive one.

I was very nervous to attempt to start dating again because I didn't know how to break it to someone that I can't have sex without being in pain, and I was very afraid of facing rejection and emotional pain.

I try to feel comfortable with him, but mostly I find myself completely over analyzing things in our relationship, trying to detect if he's bored of me or sick of our sexual situation (or lack thereof).

I'm driving myself crazy trying to find red flags that I know in the back of my head aren't there, but it's like I'm waiting for the inevitable rejection and hurt that I am so used to feeling.

Now, my boyfriend and I have been together for several months and he knows about my past relationship and what I have gone through, and about my pain condition as well.

He says that he is very accepting of me and my condition, and I know that he loves me very much.

I want so badly to bring this up to him and to talk about my feelings, but I get paranoid about making yet another point about us being unable to have sex, and therefore making it an even bigger problem.

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