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It was founded in 1858 and named in honor of Virginia Governor James Mc Dowell. The zip codes in Mc Dowell County are 24808, 24811, 24813, 24815, 24816, 24817, 24826, 24828, 24830, 24831, 24888, 24836, 24843, 24844, 24846, 24848, 24850, 24853, 24861, 24862, 24866, 24868, 24871, 24872, 24873, 24878, 24879, 24881, 24884, 24887, 24892, 24894, and 24801. West is the chief law enforcement officer in Mc Dowell County. Visitors are asked to arrive thirty (30) minutes prior for processing.

They must arrive at the facility no later than pm for a visit to take place. A maximum of 4 visitors (including children) are allowed per inmate.

Results May Include: Arrests, Mugshots, Court Order List, Issuing Agency, Case Number, Bail Type, Bail Amount, Location, Booking Date, Conviction, Sex, Birth Date, Height, Weight, Race. The Mc Dowell County Correctional Facility does not maintain its own inmate database.

While the government believes the information to be accurate, some offenders may not notify local law enforcement of any changes in their information.

Thus, you should bear in mind that you may get search results listing last known addresses instead of current ones.

We support families during the end-of-life process and even after our patients die.

For many of our team members, this is more than a career — it’s a calling.

Pretrial inmates who are unable to post bail due to money problems can hire a bondsman to help secure his/her release.

The bondsman will require a fee which is usually 10% of the bail amount.

Visitation takes place on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of AM and PM. A person is classified as a sex offender if he or she has a conviction for a sexually oriented crime such as sexual assault, rape, and prostitution.

To get data on sex offenders residing in Mc Dowell County, you can go to The disclaimer should be read and understood prior to accessing the data.

These must be left inside the vehicle or the locker provided inside the facility.

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