Sex dating in garfield washington

He’s fun, spontaneous, obsessed with his body, and knows how to party.Bush is great one-night-stand material for all the same reasons that he was a terrible president.

Barack Obama is a damn sexy man, with a damn sexy wife, and two adorable daughters. ### For a long time, the Kennedys topped the unspoken list of Celebrities America Would Like to Bang. In terms of simple sex appeal, JFK can really only be compared to himself.

### At first glance, Roosevelt may be a strange choice for number one, but the guy had everything.

But he was also a firebrand, heading to France and stoking the fires of revolution there (and in our pants).

### Smart, funny, and have you seen him with his shirt off? During the campaign, he’d often take control of event music, playing Michael Jackson off his i Pod.

When Bill Clinton enters the room, the party starts.

### There’s not much to say about this obscure president, except that he’s gorgeous.

But he has to get a little credit for having been assassinated.

He’s even got a bit of a Cary Grant thing going in some pictures.

### It’s President’s Day and just like every year, lists ranking the efficacy, intelligence, and popularity of the forty-three U. ### ### There’s not much to say about Taft, except that out of all the presidents, he definitely bore the strongest resemblance to Garfield the cat. Very few have ever fantasized about Benjamin Harrison, possibly because most people have forgotten he existed. Hayes botched Reconstruction, to the lasting detriment of African-Americans. ### Sure, he’s the father of the Constitution, but he was only five-foot-four. in an off-putting, “please don’t make my skin into a lampshade” kind of way.

Here at Nerve, we put together our own list, celebrating the most important presidential characteristic: sex appeal.

### We may joke about his choice in women, but remember, those are only the ones we know about.

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