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Hot tip: Women don’t typically say “I love you” first in a heterosexual relationship because we know men think we are going to say it first, so we wait and make you say it first because that way it will be more “real.”Lemme put it another way: Many women play an “I love you” game of chicken, because we , or else risk confirming every stereotype alive that we are blinking neon signs of emotional neediness. Researchers Marissa Harrison and Jennifer Shortall found that men reported both falling in love earlier and saying “I love you” earlier than women did.

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Men might also be a little full of shit on the “I love you front” at first.

The researchers in the study note that men may say “I love you” faster “to achieve sexual access by (truthfully or insincerely) announcing long-term romantic interest.”Oof.

Take this old bit from Chris Rock, who says women are perennially ready to settle down. Men, however, said they’d know in “about a few weeks,” and would also know if the feeling was mutual.

“Shit,” he jokes, “a woman go on four good dates, she’s like, ‘Why we bullshitting? (One survey of 2,000 Brits found most people say “I love you” after about five months.)“These findings are novel and provide support that women do not rush into a romance before men do,” Harrison writes.

And popular culture, of course, has long painted women as the more eager gender when it comes to falling in love and committing.“Surprise!

” piece, remarking that the research “totally debunks the myth that women are the ones who *~fall so fast~* and spend all their time quoting songs about unrequited love.”Women, of course, know this, but such gendered stereotypes — women be chasin’, men be avoidin’ — hang over all our heads as we move toward the big moment.Women have been told in one form or another that it’s “better” for a guy to say it first, whether because he supposedly needs longer to process his feelings or because saying it too soon will turn him off.Falling in love and being in a love is a luxury, and the researchers in all these studies note that men, because they have more economic freedom, can pick partners based on much more whimsical traits, like loving them, whereas women are more likely to be pragmatic: He is a good father, a steady provider, kind, loyal; he seems unlikely to murder me.“Additionally, neither sex indicated an expected temporal difference between realizing one’s own and one’s partner’s feelings.This further indicates that women are not hopeless romantics engulfed in unrequited or unsure love any more or less than are men.”Women have historically needed men’s presence, protection and literal paycheck to survive in the world, particularly if offspring are involved.If your goal is to get to know someone and you're on a budget, prioritize dates that allow for conversation, rather than dates that have steep price tags but limited chance for meaningful self-disclosure.

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