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The website was created by the members of the Student Response Team which include representatives from the Office of the Dean of Students, UIC Police, Office for Access and Equity, University Counsel, Campus Advocacy Network, Counseling Center, Campus Housing, Wellness Center, Office of International Services, Campus Programs, Campus Auxiliary Services, and Public Affairs.Contact the Office of the Dean of Students for information regarding this website: Location: Student Services Building, Room 3030.According to a new study, there are at least two Chicago neighborhoods where the chances of finding a same-sex match might be higher: Edgewater and Andersonville.

While we keep thinking about the possibility of a better choice still waiting out there, we miss both the moment we are in and the person in front of us.

We tell ourselves that if we go through enough people, we will suddenly land on the perfect match.

and the Hillcrest area of San Diego ranking higher than Edgewater and Andersonville.

The recent findings jibe with an analysis of where gay married couples lived in the city by DNAinfo last summer, which showed Andersonville, Edgewater, Uptown (60640, 60660), Lakeview (60657) and Rogers Park (60626) were the most popular areas for same-sex married couples to live.

That is 10.7 percent more than in the traditionally gay Boystown neighborhood, which primarily falls in the 60657 ZIP code.

Boystown/Lakeview, which had 23.3 percent, was nearly the same as Kenwood and Hyde Park's 60615 ZIP code, which saw 23.4 percent of gay singles seeking relationships.

Telephone: (312) 996-4857 Contact the Title IX Coordinator in the Office for Access and Equity for information regarding Title IX and the reporting of sexual misconduct.

EDGEWATER — Gay, lesbian or bisexual and looking for love?

Responding to incidents of sexual misconduct can be challenging, whether you are the person harmed or someone trying to help.

All of us play a vital role in making our campus a respectful and safe place to learn, work, and live.

Desire for sex certainly, but also, and maybe more importantly, desire for all the parts of a relationship that make sex good. Instead, we are often left wondering what happened and who it was for.

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