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His royal functions are the foundation, the expansion and the final consummation of the kingdom of God among men.

The first and last of these acts are personal and visible acts of the king, but the intermediate function is carried out either invisibly, or by Christ's visible agents.

By our salvation all things are ours, we are Christ's, and Christ is God's ( 1 Corinthians -23 ).

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The victims offered by the ancient priests were either lifeless things or, at best, irrational animals distinct from the person of the offerer; Christ offers a victim included in the person of the offerer.

His living human flesh, animated by His rational soul, a real and worthy substitute for mankind, on whose behalf Christ offers the sacrifice.

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As sin is the greatest evil, being the root and source of all evil, Sacred Scripture uses the word "salvation" mainly in the sense of liberation of the human race or of individual man from sin and its consequences.

We shall first consider the salvation of the human race , and then salvation as it is verified in the individual man.

Hence follows the perfection of the salvation wrought by Christ for mankind.

On His part Christ offered to God a satisfaction for man's sin not only sufficient but superabundant ( Romans -20 ); on God's part supposing, what is contained in the very idea of man's redemption through Christ, that God agreed to accept the work of the Redeemer for the sins of man, He was bound by His promise and His justice to grant the remission of sin to the extent and in the manner intended by Christ.

The practical working of the kingly office of Christ is described in the treatises on the sources of revelation ; on grace, on the Church, on the sacraments, and on the last things. Christ as Priest The ordinary priest, is made God's own by an accidental unction, Christ is constituted God's own Son by the substantial unction with the Divine nature ; the ordinary priest is made holy, though not impeccable, by his consecration, while Christ is separated from all sin and sinners by the hypostatic union ; the ordinary priest draws nigh unto God in a very imperfect manner, but Christ is seated at the right hand of the power of God.

The Levitical priesthood was temporal, earthly, and carnal in its origin, in its relations to God, in its working, in its power; Christ's priesthood is eternal, heavenly, and spiritual.

This grace cannot be merited; it proceeds solely from the love and mercy of God.

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