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According to News Front, it is financed only by donations and advertising revenues.But a former employee says that a large part of the budget comes from the Russian secret service.DHAS is the leading Safety & Security systems provider. A long-standing experience in security systems is what helps DHAS ensure the safety of both people and buildings.

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A Russian general is working on digital battle plans; hackers are attacking Germany's federal government; and a man in the Crimea wants to plunge Germany into chaos with fake news.

There's a fierce struggle in progress around the Bundestag election in September.

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The goal of the Kremlin is not to help a particular party to victory.

Rather, its purpose is to shatter the confidence of German citizens: in the security of the country, the stability of daily life, the integrity of people and institutions.

On 28 January 1945, it was officially declared that the Russian divisions no longer formed part of the German Army, but would directly be under the command of KONR.

Russian volunteers who enlisted into the German Army (Wehrmacht Heer) wore the patch of the Russian Liberation Army, an army which did not yet exist but was presented as a reality by Nazi propaganda.

Certain topics, says the former staffer, were assigned directly by the presidential administration in Moscow. But his former subordinate says, "You are a propagandist, and you are not looking for the truth, rather you follow orders." Defeating Germany in the information war or, at the very least, influencing the Bundestag election in 2017 "is the most important mission of News Front," says the former staff member.

"The news agency was created for such purposes." There have long been indications that Russia will try to impact the German election campaign, according to a Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution report prepared for the chancellery.

According to Knyrik, there's no free opinion in Europe anymore.

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