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“That is why in June the government outlined its offer to do just that.

We confirmed that no-one living here lawfully will be asked to leave when we exit the EU and they will have a period to make an application to remain here.” In a direct appeal to the many Europeans considering leaving the UK ahead of Brexit, Mr Lewis added: “We want you to stay…

The Frenchman, who has lived in Britain for 22 years, said it was “wrong to move the goalposts after the match has started for those of us who are already living and working here”. We paid taxes, we started businesses, we started families,” he added.

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Brandon Lewis said EU citizens had an “overwhelmingly positive impact on the social, economic and cultural fabric of the UK”.

“They bring with them ideas, innovation and skills which our employers and businesses rely on – from our universities to our farms to our financial institutions,” he wrote in an article for “Since the referendum, the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary and I have been clear that we want EU citizens in the UK to stay and have made protecting their rights a top priority.

But the Home Office promoted his latest article in an email to EU citizens, responding to protests while directing them to advice on their status.

Tanja Bueltmann, a history professor at Northumbria University, said the email – sent to anyone who signed up to receive Government updates – “took the biscuit”.

“If they really meant they want us to stay, they would have guaranteed our rights fully on 24 June 2016,” she told “We’re over a year later and the rhetoric remains the same.

It all sounds very nice but I don’t see the action, I see the exact opposite.” Prof Bueltmann said leaked Home Office documents had worsened fears by revealing plans to target low-paid EU migrants in a crackdown seeing Europeans stripped of their rights to bring relatives into Britain, while the Government could have powers to refuse entry and the right to work.

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