Rowan atkinson rules of dating

Despite the 28 year age gap, 60-year-old Rowan and 32-year-old Louise Ford, looked head over heels for one another on Monday as they were pictured leaving the American Buffalo opening night after party in London.

Following the split, Blackadder star moved into a £4million London cottage while Sunetra resided in a £21million mansion in the capital, bought for her by Rowan in 2014.

One of Britain’s most wealthy entertainers with a fortune of around £70million, Atkinson sold his rare Mc Laren F1 supercar for £8million months before his divorce was granted in 2015.

He first met Ms Sastry, the daughter of an Indian engineer from Ealing, West London, in the late Eighties, when she was working as a make-up artist for the BBC, and was previously in a relationship with Men Behaving Badly star Leslie Ash.

Dream home: At the time of the couple's split in 2014, they were building an £11million home in Oxfordshire, (pictured), however the Blackadder star relocated to the London cottage while Sunetra is living in a £21million mansion in the capital'Louise is doing really well with her role in Crashing and wants to be in more comedy roles while Rowan has been busy with lots of other projects,' the source told the Sun.

But Rowan Atkinson, 62, and Louise Ford, 33, looked more loved-up than ever as they enjoyed a stroll around London on Friday.

Taking their pet pooch out, the couple seemed in great spirits after tucking into a pub lunch.Atkinson, who is one of Britain’s most wealthy entertainers with a fortune of around £70million, was seen hauling bags of soil while she followed smiling with a box of plants to put into the boot of his car.Neighbours say the comic, who is incredibly private and hardly mentioned his wife and two children Ben, 20, and Lily, 19, during rare interviews, drove to her home in a modest small Audi - rather than one of his fleet of expensive sports cars.'They work as a couple because they’re both comedy actors and understand each other’s work.' Shortly before he met and fell for Miss Ford, the actor revealed in an interview he had a certain kinship with the lonely, single characters he portrays, saying: 'I've played quite a few of these sad, isolated bachelor figures — Bean is the most obvious.They've kept their relationship low-key in the two years they have been dating.This led to appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the Royal Shakespeare Company and parts in television comedies including BBC’s Misfits and starring alongside Inbetweeners actors Simon Bird and Joe Thomas in Sky’s Chickens.

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