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Here is an institution which goes right to the heart of the problem of religious history.

It was and is a Christian sacrament; it is the centre of all that is fashionable in social history today; much of the political history of the Middle Ages turned on dynastic schemes and marriages.

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Serious advance in historical science in the seventeenth century involved the application of scepticism – commonly by deeply religious, fervent Christians – to current credulity and superstition.

But this was not incompatible with a dogmatic faith, though dogma and historical enquiry can be as easily enemies as friends, as many found in the era of Darwin and the biblical critics of the nineteenth century.

The religious historian will do an inferior job if he has not at least an inkling of many other specialisms.

As historians, we live in a large and ample room – in which we meet people of every race and colour and religious and political creed.

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Have a look and design your spiritual and religious logo from our sample designs.Yet the same nineteenth century saw a new system, fully as dogmatic as the old, rise out of the historical speculations of Marx – and those of us who are not wedded to the dogma are liable to think his system often in conflict with the historical enquiries which (like the seventeenth-century Church) Marxism has so enormously stimulated. If the historian of religion tries to divorce himself or herself wholly from his belief, he deceives himself and his hearers, and is liable to be convicted of cynicism or blindness.Yet if he is wholly possessed by his beliefs, and cannot talk the same language as those who believe them not – if he cannot work in the same room with the people who used to be called heretics and unbelievers – he is not engaged in a serious, academic or scientific enquiry at all.Men and women married for money and aggrandisement and security and comfort, and out of gratitude and love.We can even catch some glimpses of the way in which these very different attitudes were brought together in the liturgy and theology of the sacrament. Religious history is not an entity, utterly distinct from secular or social or political or economic or intellectual history.

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