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"How could you infer from that that he knew sitting on her chest and perhaps with her neck and her head at an awkward angle would cause somebody to die? A second forensic pathologist definitively concluded it was mechanical asphyxiation.

Liu had been chatting via webcam with her ex-boyfriend in China in the early morning hours of April 15, 2011, when she answered a knock at the door of her room in the basement of an off-campus building.

He added the webcam investigation was 'definitely a first' and that Miss Liu knew the suspect but the long-distance witness does not.

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Dickson's DNA to an astronomical probability, was not deposited on Liu until after she was dead, Pirraglia suggested.

In Nuttall's chest-sitting scenario, the fluid on her breasts could have been because Dickson's genitals were in that area, he said.

The man pushed Liu down off camera and after the sound of two muffled bangs Meng said he heard no more sounds from Liu. But I suggest to you that it doesn't support the necessary inference beyond a reasonable doubt..Mr. Liu's apartment to attempt to have some sort of sexual encounter with her," Crown attorney Christine Pirraglia said in her closing arguments.

After a period of silence he heard the man breathing heavily and moments later the man appeared naked in front of the webcam and turned off the computer, Meng testified. Dickson had murderous intent." The Crown argues that Dickson forced himself on Liu, which is what Meng witnessed via webcam, then killed her to cover it up. "When she resisted he was caught by the potential discovery of his actions.

Dickson, who was not a student, was one of several other tenants in the house.

The ex-boyfriend, Xian Meng, testified that the man at the door appeared to ask Liu for her cellphone, which she retrieved for him.It's a case that turns on the pathological evidence, he said.If Liu died of mechanical asphyxiation because Dickson choked her, "it wouldn't take a genius" to infer a murderous intent, Nuttall said.Former Premier League footballer Jermaine Pennant has angrily dismissed reports that he was caught taking part in a webcam sex session.The newspaper The Sun said on Friday that Pennant had been spotted on camera participating in a sex act with his glamour model wife Alice Goodwin.It can be a challenge when we don't have any authority off campus’.

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