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Gail Brandon (mother)Astor Bennett (daughter)Cody Bennett (son)Harrison Morgan (son)Lily Anne Morgan (daughter)Dexter Morgan (husband)Paul Bennett (ex-husband, deceased)Debra Morgan (sister-in-law, deceased)Harry Morgan (father-in-law, deceased)Doris Morgan (mother in law, deceased)Brian Moser (brother-in-law, deceased)Laura Moser (mother-in-law, deceased)Joe Driscoll (father-in-law, deceased) Rita Bennett (later Rita Morgan) was a character in DEXTER and acts as Dexter Morgan's "significant other".She has two children (from a previous relationship), Astor and Cody Bennett and much later in the series, a third child named Harrison.The case with Eric Paslay is the same as he was able to make a name for himself in the industry only because of his immense talent and passion for his work.

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The unlikely duo were there for each other in times of need - when Pam broke down after her troubles with Jim. The organization was raising funds by selling T-shirts and mugs with a photo of Dwight wearing a bear suit and holding beets in space.

Steve Carell and John Krasinski were also on the long-standing comedy.

This contest was organized by his to celebrate his grand success of his Songs About A Girl.

Eric has kept his personal life very private as there is no information about his affair, wife or girlfriend on the internet but in some pictures he was spotted with a woman who is most likely to be the woman he is going to get married.

She captioned the photo: 'Oh my God, Dwight's kind of my friend!

' #officelunchdate #Friends Forever @rainnwilson.'Jenna, who played Pam Beesly and Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute, posed for the photo together while at lunch.

He grabbed this opportunity, and it has helped his to be the star he is today.

Till date he has been able to release four songs for the EMI Records and the record has done very well in the marker.

Dwight was definitely the butt of all jokes but it seems him and Pam did have an unusual and unique friendship.

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