Quokka dating

Take a 7-mile canoe trip across lagoons that meet the ocean and if you are lucky you may see turtles or rays.

At the end of a full day, experience a true Aussie barbecue, then meet your indigenous guide around a camp fire under the stars and listen to aboriginal stories.

In many ways our most important beam instrument at OPAL is the QUOKKA small-angle scattering instrument.

It is the largest (40-m long after the guide bunker) and was a major driver for getting the high-performance cold source into OPAL.

Natural landscapes vary from secluded hideaway beaches and epic coral reefs rivalling those of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, to beautiful vineyards and stunning rock formations so unique it is hard to believe they were formed by nature.

It’s here that the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean, and the miles of coastline are so beautifully quiet that even the kangaroos can’t resist chilling out on the beach. Summer, from December to February, is warm, sunny and dry, whilst winter, June to August, can be wet but mild. The far north experiences monsoon rains from November to April.

In many ways, small-angle scattering is complementary to electron microscopy while direct imaging is the domain of electron microscopy, SAXS and SANS can provide particle sizes, shapes and distributions averaged over a complete macroscopic sample.

Small-angle scattering is rarely able to solve a problem on its own, and is typically used in conjunction with a number of other techniques.

Sail – or jet boat – down the Swan River, explore the historic streets on a Segway tour, and wander through the treetops at the Botanic Garden on the Lotterywest Federation Walkway.

There are over 20 well-maintained beaches within easy reach of Perth, and some lovely beachside suburbs.

The vast Kimberley region in the northernmost part of Western Australia is one of the least densely populated areas in the world.

The 4x4 Gibb River Road runs from Broome/ Derby on the West coast through the Kimberley to Kununurra/ Wyndham on Western Australia’s eastern border, with spectacular landscapes of colourful ranges, dramatic gorges and waterfalls in between.

We also have two in-house SAXS instruments: a pinhole-geometry Bruker-SAXS based on a rotating anode source, and the simpler Hecus-SAXS based on a micro-focus tube source.

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