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First of all, OKCupid now offers users 22 options for gender identity and 12 for sexual orientation, making it by far one of the most inclusive apps that we’ve seen.Even better, OKCupid makes it possible for users to make their profiles invisible to straight people and to hide straight profiles from their matches as well.

This makes is easier for queer users to focus on the people that they are there to meet and creates a more intimate community.

While OKCupid isn’t getting everything right, they’re still doing better than most of the other dating apps out there.

The world of online dating is full of such opportunities to learn some hard life lessons. Despite the many (many) pitfalls, the appeal of online dating is that it gives us the opportunity to meet people that we wouldn’t otherwise meet.

The perfect person for you could be living just a few miles away, but if you don’t run in the same circles or have some rom-com-style chance interaction at the post office, you might never meet.

While the word “gay” refers to anyone who is primarily attracted to people of the same sex, the definition of queer is much broader. While online dating used to carry a certain stigma, these days as many as one third of married couples begin their relationships online.

According to PFLAG, “queer” is more of an umbrella term that can refer to “anyone who a) wants to identify as queer and b) who feels somehow outside of the societal norms in regards to gender or sexuality.” Basically, people identifying as queer find the traditional definitions of binary gender and sexual orientation to be problematic for one reason or another. It’s no surprise then that online dating has become a 2 billion dollar industry.While Match does give you multiple options to describe your relationship with alcohol, your relationship to your gender and sexuality are barely even acknowledged.For people interested in queer dating, Match has little to recommend it.From creepy messages to terrible dates, the rise of online dating means that just about everyone has some hilariously awkward stories to tell.For an entire generation, it’s almost become a rite of passage.The definition of queer is very different than the definition of gay.

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