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I said “Let’s open the windows, it’s getting hot in here’.

So my friend said “Sure, I’ll open the window” and touched my lund as he leant over me.

So I started talking to my friends about their girlfriends and women in general to make them hotter.

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Last summer, the Indian High Court decriminalised homosexuality. Gay dating in India still is a high risk activity because mentalities have not changed as fast as the law.

The traffic slowed down, and almost came to a standstill because of a road accident.

This was threatening to ruin our New Years Eve plans, and my tradition!

At first, I thought it was a mistake, but when he pressed twice I knew he was serious! I managed to get it out in time, but not quick enough to keep alive.

Sadly, we did not go further because our 3rd friend was sitting in the back of the car, but I promise that we will explore more very soon! I tried to turn it back on, but the screen faded away on me.Somehow, we started talking about gay dating in Mumbai because this was in the news recently.My friend noticed I had become excited and my cheeks were all red.There, I chatted with other gay guys in Mumbai and even made new friends in Delhi and Chennai.It was great to chat with others experiencing the same feelings as me.If you ask me which is the best website for gay dating in India, then is my favourite.

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