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While not every song lands, including the Cyndi Lauper sampling "Dime After Dime," will surely give Dipset fans something to be excited with.

As usual, Cam's lyrics are a masterful blend of authentic gangsta bars and hilarious, off-kilter comedy.

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Somewhere within the near infinite stanzas of classic Cam’ron quotables lies the time the Harlem mayor told Miss Jones, “All this music and y’all running around hype to come back … Whether he had hardrock street types marauding around in pink outfits or even the shyest of mofos getting fresh with any type of authority figure.

” There once was a time in Hip Hop when Killa Cam was just as influential a rap superstar as the game had ever seen.

Now it seems like Cam is throwing shots at Kanye on his new song ‘La Havana’ which HHNM is premiering today.

The track is part of Cinematic Music Group’s new Cinematic Radio 008 playlist which we posted earlier.

Together, the collective of producers form to provide Cam with a soundtrack that's vintage New York, and for those looking to relieve the glory days, you won't be disappointed.

Araab Muzik's two songs, "Fuck Outta Here" and "The Other Side," are classic early-millennium NYC, and Cam'Ron does his best to capture the feeling of his peak years.Que l’on se rassure donc, malgré l’idylle rêvée suggérée par la pochette et l’affirmation pleine d’espoir d’une nouvelle vie, le quotidien ne semble pas avoir changé pour le Grim Reaper. Porté par les singles « DJ Khaled », « Bragging Rights » et le plus récent « Matrix Slave Ship », et les participations de Big K. Cam’ron seems very interested in getting involved in feuds with his contemporaries.His beef with Mase has cooled down in the past couple of weeks but still isn’t completely dead, if both rappers’ accounts is to be believed.If anything, the project confirms that unlike many peers of his generation, Cam is incapable of truly falling off.

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