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Having them each extend JPanel is fine, but keep their functionality encapsulated as well, otherwise you are not gaining anything by separating them. Got JMenu working with different levels in it working now with phased picture display where you got to get 10 questions right before you see the whole picture.Also note that you don't have to put those objects into other JPanels just to add them to the frame - they are JPanels themselves - just add them. I know the code is probably bad practice but you got to learn some way. Is there any tips you could give me for cleaning up my code etc?? I would just recommend working on getting the responsibilities for each of those classes that extend JPanel encapsulated.Stack Overflow – Android fixed delta time still choppy? I tried implementing as many of the alternatives as possible, with varying success from the results; ultimatly I settled with the variable timestep loop provided by – For these titles, it provided the the most consistant performance.

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I figured I might have to download java again, so I went to this page and downloaded the installer: However, each time the installer finishes downloading whatever it needs to, I get the error: 'Uncompression of downloaded file failed': What shall I do?

I'm using Windows XP, and I'm still able to run Netbeans on the computer, the problem seems to only be with applets, and occurs in all browsers.

This wasn’t necessarily a issue with the game loop – Since I had written these games in order to teach myself Android, using sample code and best guess work – there were always going to be issue with the code (too much garbage collection, not enough optimisation, etc).

Equally, there does seem to be a problem with Android allowing background-processes to soak up too many resources from the focused app – which can cause issues – especially with scrolling games- when too much CPU/Memory/Bus time is handed over to them.

‘ loop I’d been using was based on the code provided by Against The Grain in their article The Game Loop This provided a good loop, with some overtime & undertime management.

Though, with fast moving games (using basic Android graphics, not Open GL), I was experiencing excessive blurring and jittering when drawing to the screen.I checked "Install java" when I was installing Cent OS because I thought it would speed up the process. However, it installed Java 7, and I need to use Java 8 because our code uses a bunch of new features in Java 8. I have tried "unininstalling" java and installing java 8 JRE, however "java -version" still outputs "1.7.0_75". Hey Seem to be having a problem updating a JLabel update Score() and don't seem to know why. I know it something small but for life of me can't figure it out.Other JLabels have been up dated (see attachment for full programe) import *; import javax.swing.*; import event.*; import javax.swing.Create methods that provide the interaction mechanisms between them so the class itself is controlling it's own internal state.

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