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Note: Package name match has precedence over package provides match.

There are also a few specific install commands Install the latest available version of package.

If the package is already installed it will automatically try to upgrade to the latest version.

Plugins can modify or extend features of DNF or provide additional CLI commands on top of those mentioned below.

If you know the name of such a command (including commands mentioned below), you may find/install the package which provides it using the appropriate virtual provide in the form of , which by default skips over updates that can not be installed for dependency reasons, the switch forces DNF to only consider the latest packages.

The commands are much the same as the normal DNF command line options.

There are a few additional commands documented below. The outputs differ only in the cases when an advisory refers to a newer version but there is no enabled repository which contains any newer version.

If the latest version of package cannot be installed, the installation fail.

DNF will automatically recognize that vim is not a package name, but provide, and install a package that provides vim with all required dependencies.

(The default is all architectures.) In some cases the result is affected by basearch of running system, therefore to run repoquery for an arch incompatible with your system use the Set what information is displayed about each package. If Select all packages installed from the repository.

Reinstall those of them that are available in another repository and remove the others along with any packages depending on the packages being removed. Keywords are matched as case-insensitive substrings, globbing is supported.

By default the command will only look at package names and summaries, failing that (or whenever Open an interactive shell for conducting multiple commands during a single execution of DNF.

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