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They do not have a moral struggle as they ponder whether to take money from your purse or put your cell phone in their pocket.

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I’d been there plenty of times with buddies and wasn’t going to take my boys there after dark. I’ve seen it in Mexico and I’ve seen it here in the Philippines.

But a short tour for the afternoon as we got some lunch was a real eye-opener for them at what the ‘real world’ can become. Consider the following statistics taken from a study done ten years ago..

But what I have found is that there is a wide gap between people who are genuinely in need of your assistance who deserve it..

and the people who live life in a constant state of desperation who will con you any way they can to get money to flow from your pocket to theirs.

They will honestly steal anything not nailed down..

and if left overnight, even stuff that’s nailed down.Now, my experience has been that despite poverty, the majority of Filipinos I know are honorable, religious, hard-working people. It’s the same old game with different locations and different tales. The first thing you gotta realize is that the local con artists spot you right away.Times are tough for them but they don’t let hard times compromise their spiritual values for the most part as a society.) who simply are not to be trusted. Whether you ever plan to come to the Philippines or not, these shady characters exist in your home town as well. The difference is that with a larger middle-class you may not cross paths with them quite so often. But no matter what the country, it’s the same old con game. You stick out like a hillbilly at a wine tasting function.But the daily reality for many, about 40%, of local Filipinos is a day to day struggle to make ends meet.Really it’s more like 55-65% when you factor in that there is a very narrow ‘rich’ upper-class and not much of a middle-class as you see in a 1st-world country. Fresh off the plane with pockets of cash and not a clue where to go, what to do and you could sure use a friendly face to guide you around.Now, in the last few years Hollywood has done a bit to improve the area.. Well, back in the mid 90’s it was every bit as grungy as it had ever been.

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