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Those above the "owner" of the plaza were able to render services in the form of military and police escorts for drugs to the border area, arresting or disappearing competitors.

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Written for Borderland Beat by Otis B Fly-Wheel, images from Drug Lord by Terrence Poppa [ Subject Matter: Pablo Acosta Villarreal Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required] Pablo Acosta, was one of the top narcotic trafficking Godfathers of Mexico until his demise, he was also the friend, business partner, and mentor of Amado Carrillo Fuentes "El Senor de los Cielos" or "the Lord of the Skies".

He moved incalculable tonnes of Marijuana and Heroin which constituted the majority of his illegal trade, in his heyday he was moving 60 tonnes of Cocaine a year for the Colombian Cartels with a street value today of $3 billion US a year, along a 200 mile stretch of border that he controlled round the big bend national park area.

Carrasco had his sights set on bigger things than Domingo Aranda.

He realised that after establishing USA contacts of his own, that if he locked down the interstate routes, he could move a lot of weight and put his own Boss and relative Aranda out of business.

His wife's uncle was Domingo Aranda, an independent drug trafficker who sold to the Chicago Mafia.

Aranda was a small time trafficker compared to the generations after, that put flesh on the bones of, the brainchild of the corrupt Mexican Government that is the Plaza system, the modern day Drug Capo took "ownership" of the Ojinaga Plaza.

lack of performance = torture and death, is to sink or swim.

Pablo Acosta thrived in the pressure cooker environment of drug trafficking, he pioneered the operations of the plaza system, he started thinking in terms of international scale logistics, fostering links with politicians, and like previous relatively successful drug traffickers like "Lola La Chata", he knew who to bribe and exactly how much was required, and his successful business model was soon taken up by traffickers on both side of the border.

Acosta made important connections in the Texas prison that would prove extremely fortuitous later on in Pablo's career.

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