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There was a darker and more unusual part of the story that involves a falling out between Dan and his co-founder/brother and then Dan’s ex-wife as well. The original “shock jock” with a fiercely loyal fan-base, has evolved into an expert interviewer that gets celebrities to truly open up about real personal issues.

This Esquire piece dives into how altruistic Price’s motives actually were. Gucci Mane, Buff, Sober, Out of the Pen and Ready to Flow (NYT) – Gucci Mane has always been one of the most influential hip hop artists – the man that discovered Young Thug and Future was finally released from jail in May and after three years locked up, the Gucci that came out was a very different person than the one that went in.

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But they are much funnier and more interesting than the typical NFL players.

ESPN sat down to interview the two together in what proves to be a fascinating look into true personalities in a league that is sparse with authentic commentary.

The Washingtonian takes a look at how all this transpired (Fusion) – If you’ve been on this email distribution for longer than one digest, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of hip-hop. For a list of all Battery portfolio companies, please click here.

There are a number of things that are at odds with one another in the industry, but one of the major ones is how much lean/purple drank/name your term, has been both so celebrated and so tragic over the course of the last decade. (ESPN) – The two Bennett brothers are somewhere between good and very good NFL players.

(NY Magazine) – The story of a 16 year old kid living in Miami, who has become a rare sneaker reseller to stars in the hip-hop community and friends with the likes of DJ Khaled, Travis Scott, and a number of other artists.

( – Tin Cup remains one of the all-time sports movies and one of the few to accurately capture some of the authenticity of golf.

(GQ) – The story of how one man stands accused of murdering his first wife, but is currently living in Argentina in a political battle that has featured him proclaiming that he is only being prosecuted for his behind the scenes, intimate knowledge of 9/11.

Not the highest brow of stories but an interesting one nonetheless (Sports Illustrated) – Pat Summitt passed away this week at the age of 64.

(Sports Illustrated) – The tragic story of one of the most likeable and recognizable NFL defensive linemen of all-time, William “The Refrigerator” Perry, and his fall from the top after his football career ended.

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