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Within minutes of hanging up I receive a text asking if I was making a documentary on online dating because he's "a very private person and wouldn't want to end up in one". I'm a very quiet guy." But guess who didn't stop talking all night?

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Then, as he got to my feet he said: “Oh, you have cankles.” Ummmm … When I got there, he kept disappearing to have a ciggie and chatting to his mates and leaving me with at least one of them. You know how people say we should meet someone's friends to get an insight to who they are? When I walked outside to tell him I was leaving, he said he was embarrassed about his behaviour and kept apologising.

In hindsight, I think I was in shock because I still went to dinner with him. Dinner was around the corner from his place, and we walked there and back. But he did ask what my first impressions were of him.

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He was acting weird, so I asked what was on his mind. I'd chatted to this guy online, on the phone and text. I told him I couldn't tell him because I hadn't spent time with him. I'd made the effort to leave the house so I thought 'why not?

"I don't think I'm comfortable with you staying over tonight," he said. Our schedules were crazy, so it took a couple of months to meet up. ' After we exchanged our stories, I mentioned I didn't have kids (even though I'd told him before). I’d been single for a year, and my friends were adamant: I had to get out of my comfort zone. The second date was around the Bay Walk in Haberfield, in Sydney.This is a bit personal but, hey, we’ve all been there. And I haven’t even finished telling you my story.” LIKE debrief Daily on Facebook.After the ‘event’ we had a shower to get ready for dinner.He was ‘kind’ enough to wash my back and down my legs.I explained I had no intention of staying and said he should take a chill pill - we were only hanging out. He replied: "If I meet a woman who is over 40 and she doesn't have kids I think - 'why not, what's wrong with you? And then he dropped this: "Well, you know, is there something wrong with you? It's safe to say I have a love-hate relationship with online dating. It might be easier to get a sense of who they are by actually meeting them in the flesh sooner rather than later!

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