Orlando bloom and kirsten dunst dating

[A Socialite’s Life] Nicole Richie fires celeb stylist Rachel Zoe, possibly because she’s the only person on the planet who makes Richie look obese in comparison.[Perez Hilton] Kate Moss’s fiance, Pete Doherty, is arrested for possession of crack cocaine. And bless the girls at Dirty Laundry, who always link to the full-size photos of celebs, so you can check out every little zit and wrinkle on her aging little face.Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom was born on January 13, 1977 in Canterbury, Kent. He studied at Fine Arts College and later joined the National Youth Theatre.

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In Tyler’s case, laughing as a work acquaintance grabs your butt at a public event isn’t exactly a come-on.

And, it should be noted, at the moment Tyler is engaged to be married and is pregnant, so it seems sort of unlikely that Orlando Bloom goosing her at the Critics’ Choice Awards was really going to derail her major life plans currently taking shape.

The guy is a total flirt, and he’s doing it a lot lately, mostly at awards shows. Because there’s a big difference between flirting at a party and dating (just ask most theater majors), and because Bloom has been seen flirting with other people since the Perry/vape incident.

Back at the Golden Globes, Bloom was seen not only flirting but also with none other than Katy Perry, which got many tongues wagging. Notably, Page Six dutifully reports, Bloom was spotted at the Critics’ Choice Awards this weekend (why Orlando Bloom was at the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards is a mystery worth of a Hilary Mantel–length novel), chatting up his co-star Liv Tyler.

ORIGIN Orlando Bloom is a British actor and film producer.

He’s known for such films as The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Bloom was named a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF in 2009.

His star was added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014.

It's a terrible time for anorexic actresses and their relationships.

The public has barely had time to deal with the break up of Ashlee Simpson and Braxton Olita, when word comes out that another food-allergic celebrity has called it quits with her beau.

He was brought up as a member of the Church of England. After his mother's husband, the anti-Apartheid novelist Harry Saul Bloom, died, his mother told him that his real father was family friend Colin Stone.

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