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So here goes, our little glossary of online dating slang: It happens inevitably every November.As the nights get longer and weather grows colder the online dating sites gain more and more popularity.

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Catfish is someone who has created a false identity for himself or herself online (be it Facebook, Google Plus, Tinder, Twitter, Instagram, you name it) in order to pursue false romances online.

These people will stop at nothing, they’re willing to create whole false networks online to make them look like someone they most certainly aren’t, and sometimes even really famous people have fallen prey to them. Well, it’s only another way of proclaiming your love for someone!

Even if you met up on an online dating website it’s no excuse to keep checking his/her profile!

Block the damn page or better still – sign up for a different site.

In the modern world of Tinder it’s actually just another euphemism for hooking up. You have this amazing relationship with your special someone, full of texts and sexts (another new-ish word! but it’s all on your screen (mobile or computer, doesn’t really matter). We’ve been telling our readers for a long time how important it is not to have just one fuzzy selfie or that old group photo of you and your drunken colleagues as your profile pic. Having hundreds of photos of you showing off your cleavage/six pack/tattooed backside is not.

So how does the whole Tindering and hooking up work? In fact, we’ve even encouraged getting proper professional photos taken of you for your dating profile. Photos are very important on an online dating site. That’s what has been labelled “thirsty” for attention. Another person who you don’t want to be is someone so fixated on your ex that you can’t do anything else but stalk him/her online.Understanding all the acronyms in the online world is no easy task, but just because you don’t understand the meaning behind them doesn’t mean you are not familiar with the latest dating practices.People have found new creative ways to refer to old dating habits, so if you frequently ask yourself, “What is ghosting? We have compiled this no-nonsense list of dating lingo to spare you from googling that obscure text message. BENCHING: When someone you’ve been seeing keeps their distance but still sends the occasional flirty message.Here’s our list of the 10 best online dating websites in the UK.Here’s a word we don’t like at all as it’s slowly becoming a popular phenomenon and while we surely hope you’ll never get slow faded, it is peanuts compared to getting catfished.I know a couple that have been dating online for almost seven months, now.

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