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However, there were no complaints made to police on the day.

Findon is surprised by the negativity, saying it's her belief those who criticise are ill-informed.

She challenged those who had a negative view of naturists to meet them. Come and see instead of sitting back and hiding and making all the assumptions." Over the years, naturism has boosted her self-confidence. I'm sure most people have skinny-dipped in their life and I guarantee they loved it. It's a feeling of freedom." And there's one thing she wants to get straight about the naked lifestyle - "it's not all about sex". "It's the people that come along and sit in the sand dunes and watch us - they're the perverts." Much to Findon's disappointment, she says several people chose to sit in the Papamoa sand dunes last Saturday and watch from afar. They pop up and have a look, and pop down." It's that undesirable element that puts people off becoming naturists, Findon believes.

"In the 1970s there used to be 200 people who went down to the naturist beach in Papamoa and (slowly) people got put off at people perving on them, especially women - it's an offence. People don't feel safe." The NZ Naturist Federation was set up two years ago and has 500 members.

They stuck printed yellow flags in the sand at Papamoa on Saturday to alert people that naturists were ahead. "It's not the nakedness that's the problem, it's acting in a lewd way and if people are approached by someone (acting like that) they are quite entitled to call the police, and they should call the police." However, say what they will, naturists just aren't going to change the opinion of some in Papamoa.

President of the Papamoa Progressive Association Steve Morris, remembers nudity on the beach in Papamoa in the 1980s.

Sunbrae Grove resident Shaun Gallagher said he was forced to check the stretch of beach near his home before allowing his young granddaughters to play on the sand, and elderly women in the street refused to walk along the beach.

Fellow Sunbrae Grove resident Ben De Kleynen was likewise infuriated.

He recalls seeing "body bits" on the beach as a child, and in more recent times, he came up close and personal with a naturist.

The Papamoa Progressive Association has not discussed the issue of nudity at Papamoa beach but Morris says his personal opinion is it's something best done in private or "organised nudey camps where they can have their own nudey party, play tennis, a wobble about.

Since his time on the Papamoa Community Council (1986-1989), and now at Tauranga City Council the topic of naturists at Papamoa has been ongoing.

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