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The Eisho-ji dojo was a relatively small affair, consisting of a twelve mat training area.

Kano took in resident and non-resident students, the first two being Tomita Tsunejirō and Shiro Saigo.

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The caretaker of Jirosaku's second house, Katagiri Ryuji, also knew jujutsu, but would not teach it as he believed it was no longer of practical use.

Another frequent visitor, Imai Genshiro of Kyūshin-ryū In 1877, as a student at the Tokyo-Kaisei school (soon to become part of the newly founded Tokyo Imperial University), Kano learned that many jujutsu teachers had been forced to pursue alternative careers, frequently opening Seikotsu-in Kano chose to continue his studies at another Tenjin Shin'yō-ryū school, that of Iso Masatomo (c.1820–1881).

These rules were intended to cover contests between different various traditional schools of jujutsu as well as practitioners of Kodokan judo.

Contests were 15 minutes long and were judged on the basis of nage waza and katame waza, excluding atemi waza.

Nuno Gonçalves is a Braga, Portugal-based photojournalist, with a black belt in Judo, a degree in Education, and a french bulldog in his heart, always.

He has worked at the University of Minho for a decade, serving as staff photographer for the university newspaper, UMDicas, and as coach of the Judo team.

For example, students from other sports at UMinho were so taken with the concept that this year they determined to repeat the feat.

While the 2015 calendar was all Judoka, the 2016 version attracted students from others sports as well, including volleyball, handball and climbing.

I have been asked by people of various sections as to the wisdom and possibility of judo being introduced with other games and sports at the Olympic Games.

My view on the matter, at present, is rather passive.

It is generally categorized as a modern martial art which later evolved into a combat and Olympic sport.

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